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Woman's Lament :iconehb:EHB 0 0
Mature content
Between :iconehb:EHB 0 0
My Lover
My lover believes
in the mystery of stars
in the power of kind thoughts
and that in everything there is meaning
everything happens for a reason
I believe in Darwin and reason
evolution and revolution
and in keeping my house clean
My lover believes in compost and recycling
in reiki and karma
and is unsure about veganism
or the afterlife
I love my love who loves to keep on believing –
though I'm the most pessimistic-narcissistic
fellow you've ever met –
we're not a match, she and I
I can't see the world with her eyes
I can only see the world through her eyes through my eyes...
She's my lens, and I pretend
just for a moment that the world's all rosy and clean
I love her naivete
but at the same time
there's something about her that's just sublime
My lover is so real –
I never quite know what exactly is on her mind...
:iconehb:EHB 1 4
while I wait:
a sieve
:iconehb:EHB 1 0
I am naked in the desert
no shell to hide me now –
day breaks me open
my gooey insides –
the raw yolk of me –
spit and fluff
on a skillet of sand
scathing sand –
scrubbing at my scars
my secrets and
till none are left
sweet sun
who burns my brittle bones
ribs – once a cage
now are dust
my blood bubbles
as cacti ooze hot nectar
and the mountains echo
with the melodious cries
of my naked heart
:iconehb:EHB 1 2
Mature content
Candy-Shoppe Cars :iconehb:EHB 1 1
you are the solidness beneath me
my shelter –
and you are the rain
:iconehb:EHB 0 2
Let It Out
Should I let it out?
Should I let it out?
This monster screams inside of me
begging me to release
it from its intestine trappings.
Every moment its roars are heard
gushing behind the mundane flaps
of my ears,
Every breath marks the scraping
of its rusty claws
upon my chalkboard insides.
More monsters. Make me your Frankenstein.
Feed me your demons. I will swallow them whole.
I will birth them never,
but abort them all.
Silence them with ether and smother them
with rope and plastic until they are merely whispers
and smoke.
Smoke that hisses within kettles boiling
and whistling on the back burners of my mind.
The vapors of the monsters' souls destroy me,
rot me from the inside out, a tree eaten out alive
by insects which nature built.
The insects eat me from inside. I keep them there,
they fill me up, they build their nests, give birth
to new and more insidious ones,
Give birth to my self-loathing and sadness, complacency
confusion, oh God not such a confusion
as you, your divine confusi
:iconehb:EHB 3 2
Lava Hot
moon-dust, moss and chloroform
ceiling – peeling – paint
feelings a reeling: faint!
frog-legs, fire-rocks
a myriad monarch butterflies
a monolith
a place to sit
lava hot
:iconehb:EHB 2 2
Mature content
Words Hardly Do :iconehb:EHB 3 0
not a command but a plea
for sanity
for order, for creativity
i clammor in my bones
in my heart
throwing stones
hard at this ribbed cage
let these words go!
let them free!
beautiful girls and lives
planned out to fit a
memoir's expensive pages
when will i write mine?
in the months before i die?
i never liked to leave things out
but what of my death?
that's not the point, she screams
of Robin Hood, Elizabeth
and Jane
details, details...
wherein lies the purpose?
the purpose is not set
rather – it is to be discovered
or may this be a purpose
in itself?
:iconehb:EHB 2 2
China Town
stolen moments in San Fransisco
hopping the bart
how funny, let's sing it
in casual voices on trains
over loud speakers
Lombard and hiking
in New Balance sneakers
under flash camera lights
in and out of focus
a corner grocery and
the city lights
and the wasp hum
of cables
the clat-clat of cars
flowers watch
from bay windows
people beg and smoke
at intersections
street signs make
every up and down
feel like a landmark
fleshing out the city in
fire escapes and
high heels clacking
past China Town
:iconehb:EHB 0 0
some memories
are just paintings
nothing more
street lights on circles
short-haired girls
with dogs and
on clifftops
lighting our path
to happiness
:iconehb:EHB 2 2
cold's setting in
last winter
late night phone conversations
with late night sleepers
late night breathers
lovers –
late night hanger-uppers
i'm dreaming of your warm again
this summer – late
cold dark Eridanus and
the coldest darkest ropes
of a kiss
how high is the cliff
from which loves falls
gushing over jagged rocks
through mountain vales?
:iconehb:EHB 2 0
Mature content
Quite The Comparison :iconehb:EHB 1 8
Mature content
Virgin :iconehb:EHB 1 3


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To everyone, for the continued support of my writing and for continuing to share your stuff with the world. If the world of writers were a bag of rice I'd be glad to be part of even a grain's journey. That's why I wrote those tutorials, after all...

I am still writing. It's weird not being on dA as much as I used to. Weird stuff happening in my life right now, but I like the direction I'm going. I haven't forgotten how many of you have journeyed with me. Thank you, I hope you stay sure-footed on your road, even as our ways diverge a bit.


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Writing is life.


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